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ACE Money Transfer enables global Indonesian expats to send money to Indonesia quickly and securely through Bank Deposit and Wallet Transfer methods from the UK, European Union countries, Scandinavia,Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

Now, you don’t have to worry about holidays and bank timings; you can transfer money from abroad to Indonesia 24/7, from the middle of your comfort zone, and even on the go, using ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website. ACE is an FCA-regulated “Authorised Payment Institution (API)” offering completely secure remittance solutions to global expatriates.

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Swift & Secure Transfers

Cutting-edge technology with end-to-end encryption at ACE Money Transfer ensures that every money transfer to Indonesia from abroad is completely secure and free of any risks. Besides, the online money transfer process completes quickly, saving your beneficiaries from waiting for long to receive funds.

Competitive Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer enables you to benefit from competitive exchange rates, ensuring the maximum value of your hard-earned money. You can also check live exchange rates on the Currency Conversion Calculator on ACE’s mobile app and website to decide the best time for your transfer when you see optimum rates for your selected currency.

Low Fees

To add more value to your global money transfers via ACE’s services, we offer the lowest transfer costs with no hidden charges involved. Transfer costs are typically high in the market when you send money across borders, but by ensuring the lowest transfer fees, we show real care for our customers.

How to Send Money to Indonesia Online?

Every international money transfer to Indonesia is completely risk-free and hassle-free through ACE’s mobile app and website. We are known to make the money transfer process smooth, secure, convenient, fast, and economical for our customers.

Through our Website

You can easily register a new account or log in with your existing account at ACE Money Transfer website. It doesn’t require any complex procedures, and you can instantly transfer funds to your loved ones by selecting the desired country, recipient’s details, and the amount to transfer on our website.

Through our App

ACE Money Transfer mobile app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is highly interactive and user-friendly. It enables you to transfer funds with just a few taps on your mobile screen. With recently made new advancements and additional features, the mobile app makes the user experience smooth, fast, and convenient for you.

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How to Receive Money in Indonesia?

Overseas Indonesians residing across the UK, Scandinavia, European Union countries, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland can instantly send money to Indonesia online to their loved ones via ACE’s services using any one of the following methods.

Bank Deposit

We enable you to directly deposit funds into your recipient’s bank account in any commercial bank in Indonesia swiftly and safely from overseas. You don’t have to worry about bank holidays, as ACE Money Transfer enables you to transfer money online 24/7, no matter the day and time.

Wallet Transfer

Sending money home in Indonesia is now effortless as you have the convenience to transfer funds to your beneficiary’s wallet. The following mobile wallets in Indonesia are available to transfer funds via ACE Money Transfer.

  • DANA
  • LinkAja
  • ShopeePay
  • OVO

Multiple Currencies to Send Money to Indonesia from Abroad.

Availability of Multiple Currencies with ACE Money Transfer

One of the major benefits of using ACE Money Transfer to send money to Indonesia online from abroad is the availability of multiple currencies. Using our mobile app or website, you can choose from 28 different currencies for your funds transfer, including the following:

  • Australia - Australian Dollar (A$, AUD)
  • Austria - Euro (€)
  • Belgium - Euro (€)
  • Canada - Canadian Dollar (C$, CAD, Can$)
  • Cyprus - Euro (€)
  • Denmark - Danish Krone (Kr.)
  • Estonia - Euro (€)
  • Finland - Euro (€)
  • France - Euro (€)
  • Germany - Euro (€)
  • Greece - Euro (€)
  • Ireland - Euro (€)
  • Italy - Euro (€)
  • Latvia - Euro (€)
  • Lithuania - Euro (€)
  • Luxembourg - Euro (€)
  • Malta - Euro (€)
  • Netherlands - Euro (€)
  • Norway - Norwegian Krone (Kr)
  • Poland - Polish złoty (zł)
  • Portugal - Euro (€)
  • România - Romanian leu (RON)
  • Slovakia - Euro (€)
  • Slovenia - Euro (€)
  • Spain - Euro (€)
  • Sweden - Swedish Krona (Kr)
  • Switzerland - (CHF)
  • United Kingdom - British Pound Sterling (GBP, £)


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the queries below for more information.

You can send money to Indonesia online for your loved ones with complete peace of mind. Just follow these simple steps:Create an account using our website or mobile app.Complete your profile with basic details and required documents.Choose the destination country, the desired payout option, and enter the receiver’s details.Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.Do you want to see how these steps work? Click the button below:" target="_blank">Watch Tutorial

Your recipients can instantly receive funds through the following methods:

Bank Deposit

Funds can be quickly transferred to the recipient's bank account in any bank in Indonesia from abroad.

Mobile Wallet

You can instantly send money to Indonesia online through any of the following mobile wallets in Indonesia. The method is fast, secure, and convenient.

  • DANA
  • LinkAja
  • ShopeePay
  • OVO

We may require any of the following documents from you to complete the process of money transfer to Indonesia:

Proof of ID

  • Colored picture of passport
  • Colored picture of the driver's license (Except in Germany and Spain)
  • Colored picture of EU member state ID card with photo

Proof of Address

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Bank letter
  • Employment letter
  • Credit card statement
  • NHS letter/GP card
  • Official letter from any Government body

Proof of Funds: As Per Declared Source

  • Pay/wage slips
  • Credit card statement (Document must contain identification such as name and account number.)
  • Solicitor Letter, House sale receipt, car sale receipt, etc.
  • Bank loan documents (including mortgages)
  • P60 or P21(Annual Tax Returns)
  • Self-assessment

(Compliance reserves the right to ask for any additional documents/reject payment.)

Best Ways for online money transfer to Indonesia

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Giropay (Germany only)
  • Bancontact (Belgium only)
  • iDeal (Netherlands only)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Yes – protecting your money and data is our prime priority. That's why we are:

  • Verified by MasterCard and Visa
  • Officially recognised and authorised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Officially authorised with Austrac
  • Officially authorised with Monsas
  • Officially authorised with Fintrac
  • Use world-class compliance

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