Send Money To Ghana via ACE Money Transfer

You can send money to Ghana to your beneficiary’s account, and making it available for pickup (from our partner banks) has now been made easier and simpler.

All that you are required to do is simply register with ACE Money Transfer and begin your journey to exceptional remittance services at the best possible rates. Our money transfer services are available across Ghana and can be utilized easily and conveniently.

Just Sign Up with us to experience the cutting-edge online money transfer services. You can send money online using your Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account.

For a fast, convenient, safe, and secure online money transfer, just accede to the following few steps:

Sign Up

We are just a click away. Begin with the option “Create your ACE Money Transfer Account”. We will take you through an easy and hassle-free journey. ACE's customers enjoy a smooth and straightforward transaction process using our website or mobile app. We anticipate your admittance into our family.

Add Details

Add the details of your recipient to whom you wish to send money.

Send Money

Securely complete your funds' transfer via our trusted payment gateways. Your money is sent to Ghana immediately after you enter the desired amount and proceed to send money online.

Send money to Ghana online
Transfer Money toGhana

Easy Ways to Transfer Money to Ghana via ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer offers its services through multiple remittance options solely based on customers' needs and beneficiaries' convenience.

ACE offers fast and instantaneous money transfer services with simple methods to help customers get started. Quick and prompt money transferring services and benefits are all available at ACE Money Transfer.

Send Money Online Through Web Portal

You can transfer money to Ghana from the comfort of your home or anywhere if you are using a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet through our online portal.

Send Money with Mobile App

We deliver the best services with the simplest procedures for every user. The ACE mobile app is a convenient way to transfer money through your mobile device or any electronic gadget, saving you time and energy.

How to Receive Money in Ghana?

ACE Money Transfer delivers your money through the safest channels.

It can be either picked up from any outlet of our partners or received in the bank account.

Here's an overview of our available options for money transfers to Ghana from overseas:

Instant Cash Pickup

If you want to send money to Ghana via ‘Cash Pickup’, the recipient can pick up cash from all branch locations of our partner banks nationwide.

Simply ask your receiver to take the 16-digit pin (14-digit pin for transactions created for the Unity Link) to any of our partner banks along with their Photo ID (i.e., NIC, Passport, Driving Licence, etc.) to pick up cash payments.

Bank Deposit

Using our bank deposit facility, you can instantly send money to your beneficiary's bank account through our safe, secure, and quick services. Recipients can immediately receive money in their bank accounts at our associated commercial banks in Ghana.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is one of the quickest money transfer methods. With ACE Money Transfer, customers have the ease of using a mobile wallet option for receiving money in Ghana. Following mobile wallets in Ghana can be used to receive money sent from abroad via ACE's services.

1. Tigo

2. Airtel Money

3. MTN

4. Vodafone

Airtime Topup

Showing real-time care for your loved ones back in Ghana is no longer a dream. Now, you can send a top-up to family and friends in Ghana through ACE Money Transfer.

Ghana money transfer

Safe and secure means of Online Money Transfer to Ghana via ACE Money Transfer

Online Money Transfer to Ghana is all acknowledged if the customer's trust is attained and retained, and ACE firmly believes in this principle.

As a part of our professional services, we guarantee that cent per cent sheltered and secure channels of cash move are utilized. We, at our end best, strive to induce genuine feelings of serenity when you send money either for a cash pick up or a bank transfer through ACE Money Transfer.

At the point when you confide in us with your cash, we have confidence that we will entail and keep every bit of it. The clients are continually updated through the cycle of the cash move.

We ensure the most secure and smooth online money transfer to Ghana so our customers can send money throughout Ghana with merely a few clicks.

Ensuring Best Transfer Facilities

Does a friend or family member in Ghana need money in a crisis? You can particularly depend on ACE Money Transfer for a protected, quick, and reliable money transfer to Ghana.

ACE Money Transfer offers a protected and laid-back cash move to Ghana, empowering you to connect with your friends and family in a period of scarcity and crisis.

Regardless of whether you decide to send money to Ghana through bank transfer, cash pickup or mobile wallet, you will consistently be guaranteed the most reduced potential expenses and competitive exchange rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the queries below for more information.

ACE has made it easier to transfer money to Ghana online for your complete peace of mind. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account using our website or mobile app.
  2. Complete your profile with basic details and required documents.
  3. Choose the destination country, desired payout option, and enter the receiver’s details.
  4. Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.

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Best Ways to Send Money to Ghana

  • Debit Card

    Send money to Ghana using your debit card through ACE Money Transfer. Experience the convenience and security of transferring funds directly to a recipient's bank account or through ACE’s reliable money transfer service.

  • Credit Card

    Make money transfers to Ghana hassle-free with your credit card through ACE Money Transfer. Enjoy the ease and speed of sending funds securely, leveraging the trusted payment processing capabilities of ACE Money Transfer.

  • Online Bank Transfer via Trustly (Except UK)

    Opt for seamless online bank transfers to Ghana using Trustly, except for customers in the UK. ACE Money Transfer ensures the convenience and efficiency of transferring money directly from your bank account to the recipient's account.

  • Ecospend Only from UK for Online Bank Transfer method

    If you're in the UK, ACE Money Transfer offers Ecospend for online bank transfers to Bangladesh. Enjoy secure and speedy transactions, utilizing ACE Money Transfer's reliable services and the convenience of Ecospend.

  • Bancontact (Belgium only)

    For customers in Belgium, ACE Money Transfer supports money transfers to Ghana via Bancontact. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a widely accepted payment method while benefiting from ACE Money Transfer's reliable services.

  • iDeal (Netherlands only)

    If you're in the Netherlands, ACE Money Transfer allows you to send money to Ghana using iDeal, a popular and secure online payment method. Experience the ease and efficiency of transferring funds through ACE Money Transfer's trusted platform.

  • Apple Pay

    Utilize Apple Pay for seamless money transfers to Ghana through ACE Money Transfer. Whether making peer-to-peer payments or using supported money transfer apps, ACE Money Transfer ensures quick and secure transactions.

  • Google Pay

    Send money to Ghana with ease using Google Pay through ACE Money Transfer. Take advantage of the compatible money transfer services offered by ACE Money Transfer, ensuring secure and efficient transactions via Google Pay.

Here are the methods to receive money in Ghana from abroad:

Cash Pickup

Cash is available to collect instantly. It will be available for collection on the next day if you created transactions after banking hours, weekdays, and public holidays.

Bank Deposits

Bank Deposit delivery is instant. In case of incorrect bank details, it may incur some delays to process the funds until the correct details are furnished.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is one of the quickest money transfer methods. With ACE Money Transfer, customers have the ease to use mobile wallet option for receiving money in Ghana.

Airtime Topup
Showing real-time care for your loved ones back in Ghana is no longer a dream. Now, you can send a top-up to family and friends in Ghana through ACE Money Transfer.

ACE Money Transfer provides Fee-Free first transaction to its customers. When you sign up with ACE as a new user, there will be a ZERO fee on your first money transfer.

Afterwards, you will enjoy the lowest transfer fees with competitive exchange rates in the market on your international money transfers to Ghana.

We may require any of the following documents from you to complete the process of money transfer to Ghana:

Proof of ID
• Colored picture of passport
• Colored picture of driving license (Except Germany and Spain)
• Colored picture of EU member state ID card with photo

Proof of address
• Utility bill
• Bank statement
• Bank letter
• Employment letter
• Credit card statement
• NHS letter/GP card
• Official letter from any Government body

Proof of funds: As per declared Source
• Pay/wage slips
• Credit card statement
(Document must contain identification such as name and account number)
• Solicitor Letter, House sale receipt, car sale receipt, etc.
• Bank loan documents (including mortgages)
• P60 or P21(Annual Tax Returns)
• Self-assessment

(Compliance reserve the right to ask for any additional documents/reject payment)

If you want to transfer money to Ghana using a Debit Card or Credit Card, most transactions are completed in minutes.

If sending money using the Online Bank Transfer method, transactions are completed within 1-2 banking days.

Note: Following factors may also affect delivery times:

• Accuracy of Information (both personal data and beneficiary details)
• Difference in time- zones
• Difference in operational working hours (unavailability of banks on weekends and local holidays)
• Additional information needs to be collected from you to ensure the security and safety of your transaction
• Uncontrollable circumstances, such as a rare instance of downtime affecting one of our business partners

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